EARTHSEED x KITGOD Fanny Pack Collab

EARTHSEED x KITGOD Fanny Pack Collab

One of our most anticipated collaborations to date. We partnered with the boys over at Earthseed Equipment to bring you the ultimate everyday carry, or EDC fanny pack.

Waist pouch, fanny pack, bum bag, this type of bag has many names. Whatever you call it, we all know these have gone HARD AF since their creation. We wanted to create our own that would be able to carry all your goods for the day, to include your carry weapon.

Off-body carry is a great option to explore if you are looking for a way to carry a weapon everyday. It may not be the fastest way to get your pistol into the fight, but it is the most comfortable and covert way we can think off.

We believe it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. always having to dress around a gun that potentially will never be used sounds pretty lame. Being able to still carry your weapon and not have to curse under your breathe every time you bend over to tie your shoes while appendix carrying doesn't.

Many fanny packs that are currently offered on the market have a few issues in our opinion. First, many of these packs only offer a single compartment, often designed to accommodate only the pistol. We see an issue with this because a fanny pack should be a one-stop-shop for all the users EDC items. Additionally, if you decide to put your items in the same compartment as your weapon, you risk brandishing your firearm while trying to fish other items out. This defeats the purpose of a "concealed carry" in our eyes.

Another issue we see with other packs on the market is that they are designed to look tactical, which we think screams "hey, this guy is probably carrying a gun". We believe the equivalent to this, is the dude driving a big ass truck with punisher skulls and NRA stickers all over the rear windshield. Its way to loud and again, defeats the purpose of "concealed carry".

We designed this pack to not only function extremely well as bag to carry your everyday items, but to also look stylish. "Chocolate chip" camo, or desert battle dress uniform (DBDU) is super on trend currently. This camo was used by US forces in the 80s and 90s making it old enough to be considered vintage and used by fashion manufacturers all over the world. The pattern has black accents within the design that pair excellent with the black 1000D Cordura/nylon fabric.

The pack dimensions are 8.5"x 5.5" x 3.5" overall. The pistol compartment contains loop side velcro on both sides, allowing you to mount your own personal holsters or any hook sided velcro inserts you might already own for max customization. Most subcompact pistols will fit, but we wouldn't try anything larger than a G19.

Inside the second compartment, you have another loop velcro wall, a divider fabric, and 2 sleeves allowing you to keep all your possessions organized and easily accessible. On the front of the fanny, you have an additional zippered sleeve compartment to store smaller items.

Externally, there are two attachment points for your house keys, key chains, or anything you might want to hang. An adjustable 1-inch mil-spec webbing waist strap with quick release buckle allows you to size the pack up to around 60" for cross body carry.

The fanny will cost $150. It is completely made in the USA and we believe they are well worth it.

Available 3.29.24. Limited quantity.


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